I would like to take the opportunity to recommend Kim and Miller for all of your pet sitting needs!  My husband and I moved to Columbia from Spartanburg last August and didn't know anyone in the area.  Our family is in NY and we travel often.  We have a 10-year old bulldog named Butkus who has never had to stay at a kennel and we didn't want to start now.  After just meeting with Kim, I felt pretty comfortable leaving Butkus in their care, but being the nervous mother that I am, I was very happy to be able to call her anytime I wanted to know how my son was doing.  After the first trip, I was sure that Butkus had received the best care.  Kim and Miller have since cared for Butkus several times, often with short notice.  I have even called in the morning to see if Miller could come by to feed Butkus that night so that my husband and I could take a day trip to Spartanburg to see friends and not have to hurry back.  During one trip to Charlotte, we got caught in enough traffic to delay our trip long enough that I called Miller to see if he could run over and take care of Buktus and he did!  It has never been a problem. It is such a relief to have Carolina Pet Sitters to depend on to take care of Butkus.  I wholeheartedly recommend you give them a try! Patricia S.

When we were planning to get Rusti, we were very worried that he would spend hours alone because we both work so much.  Because of Carolina Pet Sitters, we don’t have to worry about that as he is in very capable hands during the day.  Rusti is our little baby and we are very appreciative that you take good care of him while we are away.  He looks forward to Miller’s visits and is a very well adjusted puppy.  Thanks so much for providing this very important service and I know Rusti appreciates you as well.  Chris and Tara B

I just wanted to write to you to tell you how much I appreciate your service. I went to Italy last November and Miller came to check on my pets while I was away. When I got home everything was just as it should be and believe me, Miller had no easy job looking after my Boston "Terrorist", Missy.  I hope you are doing well with your business and will never go away. I don't have any plans yet to take a trip but when I do I will be calling Carolina Pet Sitters again because you are trust-worthy, professional , reliable.....and kind to my pets.  I feel comfortable just knowing I can call you when I need to.  Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Huntley!  Beth V. (owner...excuse me, owned by "Missy the Boston Terror" and the 2 cats, Morrissa and Jackalene)

We felt extremely fortunate to find Carolina Pet Sitters when we first moved to Columbia.  We have two older handicapped dogs and being able to leave them at home when we travel is much less stressful for both.  The competence, caring, and dependability of the Huntleys have made it much easier for us to leave as we know they are in good hands. Kay and Angus M.

Hey Kim and Miller,  Just wanted to thank you for taking care of Noel, our Lhasa, while we were on vacation last week.  The notes your sitter left for us were sweet and I could tell that Noel was very well cared for!  I was very nervous at first about having someone come in and look in on her, but I could tell by the sweet words the Sitter left, that she really loves what she does and cares a great deal for the animals.  So glad I found your service.  I appreciate the time and energy given to Noel while we were gone. Thanks again! Tashia H.

Hi Kim and Miller,  Hope all is well your way.  I wanted to let you know that we are moving to Rock Hill, which unfortunately means we won't be needing CPS anymore.  I can't tell you how much we have appreciated all you have done for us and our crazy dogs! I honestly don't know what we would have done without you guys...you are definitely lifesavers!!  If there is ever anything we can do to help you all out, please let us know.  You have a great service.  Thanks again for all your services.  They are much appreciated! -Meg F.

When my husband and I moved to SC three years ago we were very concerned about finding someone we trust to care for our dog, bird and three cats while we were out of town.  Carolina Pet Sitters was heaven sent.  Miller and Kim are professionals who are a delight to work with and obviously love animals as much as we do.  Not only do they feed all our "children" but also provide walks and play time, give our house the "someone is home" feeling by bringing in the mail and newspaper and will even keep the bird bathes full of water during those terribly hot and dry summer months.  Now, when we go out of town, we can relax and enjoy ourselves knowing our "spoiled kids" are well taken care of and our home is safe. Heather T.

Carolina Pet Sitters is an invaluable service.  They provide my wife and me the freedom to travel knowing our cats are safe, sound and well fed.  I highly recommend Carolina Pet Sitters to travelers concerned about their pets' welfare. Mike L.

When entrusting my "children" to Carolina Pet Sitters, I know they will be cared for almost as if I were there.  I am now able to enjoy my trips away from home knowing that my pets are being well cared for. Courtney S.

We have dealt with Carolina Pet Sitters for over a year now and I can truly say that Kim and Miller run a first rate sitting service. They are flexible, courteous, caring and dependable. They provide "Daily Scoops" which updates me on their visits. Water bowls are filled, floors are checked for mistakes and pets are fed if requested.. They spend some time playing with the girls and secure them upon leaving.  I'm very pleased with their service and encourage others to try them. Plus.. Sugar and Angel give them a "5 Bark Rating". Steve T.

Carolina Pet Sitters was the first pet sitting company my family has ever used, and let me tell you that I will use them as long as I can.  I was never happier with a pet sitter than I was with them.  I enjoyed coming home and reading what my little one did while we were away.  They definitely treated our pets as if they were their own,  and they did a great job.  It was as if I never went on vacation. Thank you Carolina Pet Sitters!!! Michael, Kaylyn, Erich, Max, and Gizmo M.

Kim and Miller have taken excellent care of our cats, Buck and Rascal.   We have used them numerous times and they are always willing to be of assistance, even on short notice. Rascal is a chylothorax survivor and requires regular medication.   Kim and Miller have been able to give Rascal his medications when he needs them while we are gone.   Of course, Kim and Miller also take care of the other necessities.  It’s nice to know that they will handle any problems that may arise. Other than caring for our cats, Carolina Pet Sitters also performs a security check and brings in our mail.   They provide professional, caring service.  I feel confident that our home and cats will be well cared for while we are away. Carol and Mitch W.

My wife and I are very please we have found the Carolina Pet Sitters.  We have two Labradors and a cat that we share our home with and consider a major part of our family.  We would not trust the care of our pets with just anyone.  Kim and Miller have shown us nothing but kindness and professionalism since we started working with them a year ago. We can now go on a vacation and not worry about our house or our pets (if we leave them).  Our cat has diabetes and requires two shots of insulin daily.  It is so convenient to be able to leave him at home rather than board him every time we go out of town.  Carolina Pet Sitters are qualified to medicate our pets.I really cannot say enough good things about their service.  Not having to rush pets around prior to leaving helps when you are getting ready to go somewhere.  We have come back from days away and our normally hyper dogs are so relaxed they barely get up from their naps to great us at the door.Thank you Kim and Miller! Robbie B.

I am a former neighbor of Kim and Miller's before the bought their new house. They actually rescued a dog from a home where it was being abused and not given proper medical attention and gave him to me. At first I was hesitant to take him, but after an hour or so-I fell in love with him. I named him Zipadee. I also have two cats, Little Bit and Pipper. Kim and Miller frequently took care of my house and pets many times. I am happy to vouch for their excellence as pet sitters. They are very dependable and reliable. I'm certain they would care for anyone's pet as if it were their own. Cheryl T.

I would like to thank you for taking such great care of Penelope while I was out of town.  I also appreciate that you were willing to work with me on such short notice.  Penny seemed very happy when I returned and you kept the place very neat, which can be difficult with my kitty. I am so happy with your service that I am going to use you for all my future trips.Natalie C.

We have used Carolina Pet Sitters on a number of occasions, for as long as ten days.  We have been very pleased.  Miller seems to genuinely care for our dogs.  He is very thorough and exact about medications, follows our instructions to a "T" and the dogs love him.  We feel very comfortable leaving our dogs in his care.  We have a one year old lab and a 14 year old "almost" lab.Frank and Sally H.

We were very happy with the pet sitting from Kim & Miller Huntley, Carolina Pet Sitters.  They were very professional when we met and were truly concerned about our pets needs. We completed paperwork beforehand, which asked about each of our pets and what care they needed.  I was totally at ease when we went on vacation, because I knew my pets would be taken care of.  I don’t trust just anyone with the care of my pets.  I will use Carolina Pet Sitters anytime that I go out of town.  They left a message each day as to what time they came, what was going on, and how my pets were doing.  I was totally happy with the experience and so were my pets.  If you would like to contact me, Kim & Miller have my telephone number and I give them permission to give it to you to call.  I trust them completely.  Randy & Agnes H.

We were very pleased with your services and will be using them again.  It really is nice to go on vacation and not have to worry about the well being our dogs.  Not to mention that they are much happier than if they were in a kennel!  Thank you for your service!  Randy J.

I am happy to give the following recommendation for Carolina Pet Sitters.  I am pleased to recommend Carolina Pet Sitters.  I feel very fortunate to have Kim and Miller visit Ria during the day while we are at work.  Kim has been seeing Ria since she was 9 mths. old and has taken excellent care of her.  I am always informed on a daily basis of the details of the visit.  Kim takes the time to write out a detailed visit report.  Not only do I find the reports to be very helpful, but it shows that Kim is patient and that she loves her work.  Kim and Miller are dedicated and very professional.  They are very thoughtful and have a genuine concern for us and our puppy.  They are happy to accommodate to our flexible schedule and any special concerns.  I feel comfortable that our home and pet will be cared for when we are not there.  I recommend Carolina Pet Sitters without reservation.  Margaret S.

I am pleased to offer this recommendation on behalf of Carolina Pet Sitters (Kim and Miller Huntley), who have been taking care of my Bichon Frise, Phoebe, since she was a 12 week-old puppy.  I have found them to be dedicated and proficient in taking care of her.  They see her twice a day, three times a week, and Phoebe loves it.  More importantly she loves them.  They are very thoughtful and pleasant people with genuine concern for their animals and clients.  I would not hesitate to recommend Carolina Pet Sitters for any pet sitting job.  Phoebe and I plan to keep them around for a long time.  Stephanie and Phoebe D.

Kim and Miller Huntley have taken care of my dogs, Kramer and Phoebe and cats, Daisy and Jake numerous times.  Each time my pets have been exceptionally well cared for.  Sometimes pets can suffer from anxiety when they are left for a length of time.  After returning from my first vacation, the pets were so well cared for I realized I suffered more anxiety than my pets did! My second vacation was great!  I missed my pets but didn’t worry about them knowing Kim and Miller were caring for them. In addition to caring for my “kids”, Miller looked after the house.  He ran the sprinkler system, picked up the mail and made sure the house was secure. I highly recommend Carolina Pet Sitters.  I am already planning another vacation and knowing my pets will be well taken care of makes going away easier and a vacation that much better! Sandy P.

Carolina Pet Sitters are the best answer to the problem of pet care while I'm traveling I've ever found.  The litter boxes get cleaned.  The animals are all accounted for.  The food and water is always freshened.  Never any question my instructions are being followed. Chuck S.

Thank you so much for the excellent care you have given Darwin, Selby and Madison.  We truly appreciate you both! Heather and Dave W.

Thank you so much for taking care of my pets.  I know my situation created special problems since, in addition to my two cats, I own a Vlad, a Veiled Chameleon.  Miller went out of his way to fulfill the special requirements that my lizard needed; he even shopped for a new pump when my automated watering system broke down during my vacation.  He also brought the live crickets that Vlad feeds on.  I feel comfortable recommending your services for any kind of pet!I was also happy that Miller took great care of my cats, even giving them a brushing.  You provide much more than basic care; in addition to feeding and watering them, you gave them special attention each visit, and you also brought in my mail and made sure my house was secure.  I especially appreciated the daily check sheets that showed a detailed list of the services provided. Thanks again for taking such pains to ensure that my pets were safe and healthy when I returned from my vacation.  I won't hesitate to call you again in the future! Chris G.

We have had Carolina Pet Sitters watch our animals many times. We have a dog and a cat who have become apart of our family. I wouldn't leave them without knowing they were going to receive great care and love. Kim and Miller love animals and are wonderful with them. I would absolutely recommend using them. It is such a relief when I go away to know that I have responsible, dependable, and trustworthy people to take care of my animals. Lynn and Rob R.

At very short notice, Kim and Miller made a trip to my home to meet my beloved dog, Jada, and to be instructed on all of the picky instructions for her care, such as leaving the TV on the Animal Planet and taking her for a daily run around the neighborhood.  I immediately felt a sense of security knowing that Jada would be taken care of in her own home while I was away.  Not only did Kim and Miller not laugh at my over-protective nature, they listened very closely to my wishes for Jada's care.  I even felt comfortable enough to spend an extra night on vacation knowing that my dog was in good hands.  Upon my return, I found Jada to be very relaxed and comfortable.  I am so relieved to finally be able to plan trips out of town when I am not able to take my dog without the worry of her care because I know that Kim and Miller will make themselves available when I need them.Christi R.

We are very thankful to have services available to us like those offered by Carolina Pet Sitters.  We travel a lot and, as much as we'd like to, cannot always take our dog and cat, Fred and Merlin, with us.  Thankfully, Kim and Miller are there for us when our boys can't join us.  We know that, with Carolina Pet Sitters, they're getting the care and attention they need (in their own home!) while Mom and Dad are on the road.  Kim and Miller do a great job with the details and don't seem to mind the frequent phone calls from the worried "parents" checking on the kids.  And they've always been available to us even on short notice.I know Fred and Merlin really appreciate Carolina Pet Sitters.Tim and Laise T.

During the spring and summer of 01, our beautiful yellow lab, Abby, was treated for osteosarcoma with chemotherapy.  It became apparent that the effects of this on our dog were not terrible, however, she began to get urinary tract infections.  Initially, my husband and I took turns going home for lunch and letting her outside, but this became too stressful for us.  I called Northeast Animal Clinic to see if they could recommend a pet sitter and they referred me to Carolina Pet Sitters.  Kim came out for the initial visit and seemed very nice and Abby liked her, too.  Kim comes over every day around noon Monday thru Friday to let her out and take care of her.  She leaves me notes about how Abby is doing while she is there.  She would tell us how sweet and gentle Abby was and how she seemed to be feeling.  Kim and Miller take care of Abby as if she were their own dog.  Even their little girl, Hannah, likes giving Abby treats.  We are moving to Florence, SC in January 02 and we will be lost with out them.  We are eternally gratefully for all that Kim and Miller do for us and our dog.  When you need someone to love your pets as much as you do, call Carolina Pet Sitters. Angie and Rob S....and Abby too!

What I admired first was your professional and business-like approach to pet sitting.  You had forms for me to complete outlining everything you needed to know.  Then you actually went over the forms, item by item, to make sure you understood what I had written.  To me, that showed you were truly serious and really cared. I also really appreciated the fact that you made a special trip to my house to meet my kitty and me and to get an outlay of the house and my cat’s habits.The fact that my kitty is on special medication and a special diet did not seem to phase you in the least.  That put me totally at-ease! I knew then that my kitty would be in good hands while I was gone.I also want to thank you not only for pet sitting, but also for house sitting. It really makes all the difference in the world knowing that someone responsible is watching out for my property as well as my “baby”.  Thanks for taking me on as one of your clients.Marilyn S.

Carolina Pet Sitters is a must for any pet owner in Columbia.  I have two dogs, one Black Lab mix and a German Shepard/Lab mix.  I was going out of town to celebrate the holidays with my family in Williamsburg, VA.  After calling around to kennels in the area, I decided to call some pet sitters, too.  Fortunately, the first one I called was Carolina Pet Sitters.  After speaking with Kim on the phone and learning about their services, I asked her a simple question, "What is the difference between a using a pet sitter verses using a kennel?".  I was impressed with her answer because it was honest and factual.  She simply stated the obvious differences in the pet being in their home environment or at the kennel and the health consequences of each option.  Later that evening, Miller came out to my house and visited the dogs.  I thought that was an interesting and responsible approach.  He stated they do that so they can meet the client, both human and animal.   Miller also went over the contract in detail and explained exactly what an actual visit included.  After Miller left that night, I was convinced I had mad the right decision about leaving my dogs in their care.  After I returned from my vacation, I was pleased to find a report card on how each visit went and the time it occurred.  This set my mind at ease even more and reconfirmed my belief that Carolina Pet Sitters is the only way to go for all of your pet sitting needs.  Tim R.

Mark and I just wanted to thank you both again.  for the care of Tessy and Maggie this past weekend!  We expected to come home to two stir-crazy dogs but both of them appeared exercised and relaxed.  We really appreciate that you guys visit and play with them.  The attention they received seemed apparent. Mark and I are looking forward to additional get-aways during the summer knowing the girls are in good hands!Mark and Paula O.
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