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If you have never used a pet sitter before, then you are in for a pleasant surprise!  Most pet owners do not like leaving their pets at a boarding facility, no matter how great the facility is.  However, there are some cases where some pets would do better at a boarding facility because of a medical or behavior problem, but most pets would probably love the chance to stay home instead of going to a strange and noisy place.  

Many times pets get a little stressed out and confused when they are dropped off at a kennel.  They are not in their own environment so they get scared, confused and worried.  If you have ever used a boarding facility before, have you ever noticed that it takes your pets a few days to settle down and get back into their normal routine?  Well, Carolina Pet Sitters is here to help those pet owners so their fur-babies can stay home.

We realize that pets are a very important part of today's family unit.  They are definitely a huge part of our family.  We have two children of our own, Hannah and Harrison, but we also have two fur-babies--Darby and Tinky. They are not just our dogs...we love them dearly!!  

So if you think your pets would benefit emotionally and physically by using a pet sitter.....why not give us a try?!  We hope you find our website informative in making your decision about choosing Carolina Pet Sitters to take care of your pets and home.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any question that you did not find on our website.  If you want to become a client of ours, go to our Reservation Form to get started.  Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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